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Have a look at our Fairytale Brides on their big day, along with their testimonials!
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“Here is a picture of the beautiful dress you sold me (your first couture one)! Nicole made me a beautiful veil to match. They were both perfect!” – Olivia

Olivia purchased a couture dress from Fairytale Bride’s Couture for Charity Collection, which supports Rockville H.S. Seniors with tuition for their first year at Montgomery College. Both the bride and her mother were overjoyed with the fact that this purchase helped a student with her first year of college sponsored by Fairytale Brides, continuing our mission of “Empowering Women One Dress at a Time”.

“Last year, I bought a wedding dress from you to wear at my April 22, 2017 wedding. The wedding is finally over and I thought you would appreciate some of the bridal photo shots!”

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“I wanted to thank you again for giving me the perfect look for the wedding of my dreams!!! We just received the photos from our photographer, and I wanted to share pictures of the completed wedding dress! My mom and I added lace around the bottom of the whole dress, as well as on the neckline, and added a belt. I wore the veil and the necklace that we also purchased from your adorable boutique! I can’t thank you enough. Feel free to use the photos if you want!” – Jasmine

KM 29

“My new bride, Kenisha, and I want to thank you from the bottom of or hearts. I am back from Guyana now. The wedding day was fantastic, and the wedding dress was spectacular. As you know, she could not find a suitable dress in Guyana, and I was so lucky to see your link on the internet…The dress fit like a charm. You most definitely know your wedding dresses. One visit to your shop and everything was taken care of at a great price. You’re truly a life saver. Kenisha made me promise to send you some photos. She will be in VA soon, and I am sure she will want to stop by and thank you again. Have a wonderful day.” – Donald

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“Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring was an absolute dream! I made a reservation to go in the shop, and despite a huge snowstorm practically shutting down 355-Rockville Pike they remained open for me and the other brides who had made appointments that day. I was able to touch the dresses, try on as many as I want (some more than once) and all in a no-pressure, fun atmosphere with my mom and dad by my side. The volunteer staff were encouraging, friendly and patient. Wedding planning and dress shopping can be stressful but with their help and their genuine love for the job it was an amazing experience. Making the decision of what dress to get can be hard, so in a way, having only sample sizes to choose from made it easy: it either fits or it doesn’t fit! If it doesn’t fit, it wasn’t meant to be! I found two dresses, so instead of agonizing over which one to get, I got both! The dresses are SO reasonably priced, you DO only wear it once, so I was not going to break the budget! I walked out with my dresses the same day, there was no waiting for months for my dress to come in from overseas and forgetting what it looked like. I came back several months later and found the veil of my dreams as well. I truly hope you’ll choose them for your special day!”