About Us


Donna Vaccarezza (Founder)

Here at Fairytale Brides we strongly believe that there needed to be a whole new shopping experience created for the Bride and her family. An experience where a bride could actually walk away happily with the gown of their dreams while donating to charity.

Our uniqueness comes from the fact that everyone you see here is a volunteer and all the money from purchases go to charity. We have no “Sales people”. We have nothing to gain but for you to walk away with the fairytale dress of your dreams whilst someone else in need has a dream come true also. We welcome our guests in a warm and relaxed atmosphere and our volunteers are here to meet your needs. Always!

We stock new dresses, designer dresses, couture dresses, and used dresses. Our dresses are no more than 5 years old. We even have wedding dresses for as low as $100, now thats what we call budget friendly for the big day. All our dresses are heavily discounted off the retail price, our prices are up to 90% off including designer and couture dresses. 

Remember your dress is more than just a dress at Fairytale brides, buying our dresses helps someone else in need. So why not visit us, a place where all dreams come true.